Web development could be a hardworking task. There are a lot of coding languages that can be worthy of building a great product. So, which one must be chosen among all of them? If there’s a language that has gained cult status on web development frameworks and in the shortest span of time, it’s Python.

Any programming language’s choice depends on how robust and responsive the end application is intended to be and the volume of coding and complexities it may involve. As an Object-Oriented Programming Language focused on Rapid Action Development (RAD), Python has motivated many emerging organizations and…

Have you ever imagined the value that exists in a cloud of data? Well, feel free to come aboard with us!

Living in the era of “ Big Data” can be overwhelming. We might not think about it, but we continuously produce and release volumes of information about ourselves with each move we made (cameras, sensors, card movements, PC logins, internet navigation).

If the need for storage was previously the main focus, nowadays, it’s how we can process complex and large sets of data considered key information about individuals, groups, and periods of time. Extracting meaningful insights is what Data…

Animations on the internet are not new. They have been used to achieve many goals, including making something more interesting to watch or even more appealing. Sometimes that is what makes a website stand out among the competition! Animations can make UI elements resemble the real world, making them smoothly change while giving the feeling of continuity, action and progress, instead of changing in a blink of an eye.

Even when applied to small elements, animations can help the user remember whether an action was executed or not. In fact, the user is more likely to remember what he/she just…

If you are here, you may be wondering “ How can React Native and Expo help me building my next mobile application faster? “.

As interns at Imaginary Cloud, we were proposed to develop an application that was somehow useful for the situation that the world currently faces, the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this situation, we have to adopt new proceedings about how we manage common areas in the company. …

Companies are switching to a serverless architecture. It results in a shorter time to market, decreases operational costs and developers can focus on improving applications instead of managing infrastructures.

If you are new to this concept, you might be asking: What is a serverless application? Basically, it’s software that runs in an environment where you don’t need to manage any servers. The host that provides it, is fully responsible for managing all the infrastructure and operational tasks.

One of the solutions that address this, is AWS Lambda. According to a report by Datadog, in less than 5 years AWS Lambda…

If you’re starting a new project or building a mobile application, React Native likely pops up as an option when deciding which tech stack to use. As a cross-platform tool, it’s a cost-effective alternative to native apps, as you don’t need to have two development teams: one for IOS and another for Android.

All good so far. But, how can you find experienced React Native developers that can bring your idea to life?

Should you hire a freelancer?
A permanent in-house developer?
Or an experienced React Native developer from a trusted software development partner?

If you already asked yourself any…

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, it’s unlikely that you have never come across User Centered Design (UCD). After UX and UI, it’s one of the most popular terms in the design field.

If you’re building a web or mobile app, you might feel that the recipe for success is to follow a User Centered Design approach. But do you actually know what is it about? Are you following a trend? Or do you really want your product to be user centered?

To answer all these questions, we’re covering below where this User…

When considering what to use for your next mobile application, you’ll have to do some research about which frameworks can provide you with the tools you’ll need. React Native is a top dog of the industry, while Flutter is a rising star. If you’re not sure which one to choose, this post will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

To learn more about both technologies, I’ve developed Dwipper: a social network app (similar to Twitter) that one can use to post shower-thoughts (Dwipps).

Hybrid vs Native

Full disclosure: you should only look for a hybrid framework when you want…

It comes as no surprise to anyone that JavaScript is everywhere.
Here at Imaginary Cloud, the most part of the projects we are involved in, use it as the main language. My last project was a fairly large application that involved the usual culprits of the JavaScript ecosystem. We used a React front-end and a Node.js back-end stack.

Why do we use Redux?

When we needed to define a stack for this project, due to its nature of involving a lot of visual presentation and 3D modeling, React presented itself as a no brainer choice, regarding the front-end technology.

Unfortunately, at that time, a clear…

As the Lead Designer at Imaginary Cloud, I conduct most of the interviews for design positions. While interviewing a design candidate, I frequently ask about their preferred books on the subject of UI/UX or product design. Sadly often, they answer: Don’t Make Me Think or Design of Everyday Things.That’s the moment I know that my interlocutor knows very (very!) little about product design. Why is that? Well, don’t get me wrong. It is not that those books are bad. They were landmarks, in their time. In a time when there was very little acknowledgment about the importance and the role…

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