Do you really want a User Centered Design approach?

Where User Centered Design comes from

The principles of User Centered Design

  1. Understanding the user and task requirements;
  2. Integrate the feedback from users when defining both requirements and design;
  3. The user is actively involved in the evaluation of the product’s design since an early stage;
  4. The User Centered Design should be incorporated into other development activities;
  5. User Centered Design is an iterative process. This means that you should repeat the process until you have reached the best solution possible.

Why is User Centered Design important?

  1. A UCD approach can potentially increase the sales of a product. Having the user involved in every phase of the process means that you have a better understanding of requirements and expectations. Once these are met, you’re more likely to deliver a better product, which leads to more sales.
  2. It leads to safer products. A product that is designed for specific tasks and contexts has fewer chances of human error.
  3. Because the design team is in closer contact with users, they develop not only a deeper understanding but also a stronger sense of empathy towards them.
  4. A UCD approach leads to more inclusive products. By leaving biases out of the process and focusing on all the different types of users, the design team can acknowledge all the differences between them. Whether they be in terms of age, culture or language, designers can attend them.

User Centered Design as a quality stamp

Beyond User Centered Design

  1. Most of the everyday products we use daily were not designed based on the user’s understanding, but the knowledge of the activity they were intended to.
  2. History is filled with products that made users adapt to them and not the other way around.

Our Product Design Process

So, do you really want a UCD approach?



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