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  • Martin Angehrn

    Martin Angehrn

    CEO & Co-Founder @brixel_io / @WIDE_VENTURES / sports maniac, language enthusiast and food lover.

  • Carlos Coutinho

    Carlos Coutinho

    Project Manager, PMP

  • José Tapadas Alves

    José Tapadas Alves

    Recovering Telecommunications engineer and software tinkerer. Passionate Rubyist and JavaScript zealot. Music and life enthusiast.

  • Rafael González 2

    Rafael González 2

  • Karl Saynor

    Karl Saynor

    CPO & User Experience Director · Husband · Daddy ;)

  • Sebastian Weber

    Sebastian Weber

    Frontend developer from Germany. Love CSS and Vue.js. Starting to love React.

  • Alan Houser

    Alan Houser

    Founder of Squareflair, a design studio. httpster, linchpin & destroyer of digital ephemera www.sqr.fr/hello ★ @pixelmelter

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