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  • The Flash Pack

    The Flash Pack

    ⚡️We’re an award-winning studio focused on creating innovative photographic content. We create brilliant social content people want to share. ⚡️

  • Marcelo Lebre

    Marcelo Lebre

    CTO at Remote.com Passionate about building products and scaling architectures. Love all things sci-fi and martial arts.

  • Olga Pavlovsky

    Olga Pavlovsky

    Host of the other5billion podcast. Building a reserve & sanctuary for endangered species in the Pyrenees mountains. Born: USSR. Raised: UK. Living: Andorra.

  • ylluminate


    yl·lu·mi·nate, v: To provide or brighten with light; To make understandable or clarify; To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; To endow with splendor.

  • David Cunha

    David Cunha

    Interested in building scalable web apps and businesses that make people happy 💻

  • Mark Long

    Mark Long

    Future Media, Technology & Marketing recruitment (iptv, mobile, tablet, web, vod) mlong@welovesalt.com http://ow.ly/7KMKA #mcfc #psw

  • Ruzbeh Bacha

    Ruzbeh Bacha

    #FinTech #Entrepreneur. Founder cityfalcon.com. Love Salsa, Bachata, Ping Pong

  • TechRepublic


    Empowering the People of Business and Technology

  • Elite Avner Marriott

    Elite Avner Marriott

    Building an alliance of top digital experts who are willing to spend some time working with small businesses. They need us!

  • Zach Seward

    Zach Seward

    CEO of Quartz

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