How to accelerate your development with React Native and Expo

What is React Native?

What is Expo?

How to install React Native?

How to install Expo?

Advantages of using React Native

  1. Code Reusability: with React Native you will be able to develop cross-platform code, without the need of building one app for each platform. Most of the written code in React Native can be reused for both OS (Android and iOS).
  2. Pre-built components: Even though this framework is new/young, you can find already built components that you can use in your mobile application. React UI frameworks like Material UI provide you pre-built components for faster and simpler development that can be adjusted to your needs.
  3. Real-time feedback: Fetching real-time data and generating updated UI when something changes on the code is one of the greatest React Native’s features. When you are building your app, you need to view your code changes and you have two options. Live Reload is useful when you need to reload the entire app when a file changes (for example, to test routes/navigation). Besides that, Hot Reload can be helpful when you just want to refresh the files that were changed without losing the state of the app.
  4. Performance: React Native performance is almost as good as native performance. The fact that the programming language is optimized for mobile devices and the use of two separate threads (one for native APIs and the other one for the UI) makes it possible to run React Native apps efficiently.
  5. Popularity: Although React Native is a newcomer for building cross-platform mobile apps, it already has significant popularity being used by the largest companies. Just to have an idea, the GitHub community of React Native is already much bigger, in the number of contributors than Swift for example.

Is Expo easy to learn?

What if you want to get rid of Expo?

Expo Build

Building an app with React Native and Expo



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