How to find experienced React Native developers

Why is it so hard to hire React Native developers?

A lot of job search platforms (finding a needle in a barn)

The rise of cross-platform apps vs native apps

The urgency behind the projects

The “Bermudas triangle” (as we call it)

Why do you need to hire a React Native developer?

Scenario 1: Early-stage startup

Scenario 2: Native to Cross-platform app

Scenario 3: Web product to mobile application

Scenario 4: You have the product, the team, but lack the background in React Native

How to find trusted React Native developers?

1. Hire an in-house React Native developer on your own

  • You can control the whole process;
  • The developer will be part of your team, sharing your culture and getting involved in the long term projects;
  • Time-consuming (screening and interviewing candidates);
  • Competitive industry (high demand for React Native developers, which makes it harder to find the right person);
  • High-risk for a bad fit, as your budget or process are not tunned

2. Hire a freelancer React Native developer

  • Cost-effective for short term projects;
  • Public reviews from other companies which eases the initial screening process;
  • Time-consuming (as you still need to conduct interviews);
  • Lack of engagement as this person will not be entirely part of the team;

3. Contract a React Native expert from a trusted partner (software development company)

  • Easier Integration with an In-House Development Crew: companies have a development process and can adapt or improve yours. (freelancers and new team members will spend considerable time finding out how to work together as a team.
  • More flexibility, as the days invoiced depend only on the number of days dedicated to your project. (time and materials monthly invoice)
  • Higher code quality & overall quality levels. Working with an experienced team has the big plus of getting meaningful advice on the best direction to go or on the best way to do it to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Faster hiring process, as React Native developers are ready to join your team remotely.
  • Higher scrutiny, since companies have a reputation to maintain as a brand (while a freelancer platform delegates this reputation to the freelancer itself)
  • For some, the budget may be a concern as you might think that extending your team with a React Native developer from an expert software development company can be more expensive than an in-house developer or a freelancer. It also depends on the number of hours required from one developer and if the project is short or long term.

Why are we so picky when hiring React Native developers?

What our clients say about our team

Find experienced React Native developers with a software development partner

  • You have a new product to develop in a short time to market, and you can’t invest a lot of time in a recruitment process from scratch;
  • You don’t have a lot of experience hiring React Native developers, such as designing and conducting technical assessments, that are essential to evaluate the candidates’ performance;
  • Your company is at a very early stage. You need experienced professionals that can not only boost your software development but also provide meaningful advice on how to perform;
  • You need a React Native developer for only a few months or short term, where you don’t really need to hire in-house React Native developers.



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