How we used AWS to power our backend

What is AWS Lambda?

How does AWS Lambda work??

Advantages of using AWS Lambda

Support multiple languages

Minimized cost

Fully managed infrastructure

Automatic scaling

Integration with other AWS products

When to use AWS Lambda

File processing

Data and analytics


Mobile applications

AWS Lambda limitations


Function Limits

Not always cost-effective

Comparing AWS Lambda with other alternatives

AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions

AWS Lambda vs Google Cloud Functions

AWS Lambda vs Kubernetes

Other services AWS provides used in our backend

AWS Cognito

AWS API Gateway

AWS DynamoDB

AWS CloudWatch

AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodePipeline

How we built a serverless application with AWS

  • register
  • login
  • recover password/change it
  • see all Dwipps from all users
  • upvote a Dwipp
  • mark a Dwipp as favorite
  • create a new Dwipp
  • delete and edit a Dwipp
  • see the user’s own Dwipps.



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