React Native vs Flutter for app development

Hybrid vs Native

What is React Native?

What is Flutter?

Which one is more popular: React Native or Flutter?

Is React Native easy to learn?

Is Flutter easy to learn?

How does React Native work?

  1. The main thread runs a standard native app, handling the display of elements and processing user gestures.
  2. The other executes all the JavaScript code in a separate engine, either JavaScriptCore or V8, which deals with the business logic of the application. It also defines the functionality and structure of the user interface.

How does Flutter work?

About the project: Dwipper

  • Basic login, registration and forgot password
  • All Dwipps, to see everyone’s Dwipps
  • My Dwipps, where you can see all Dwipps you posted
  • New Dwipp, to write and post a Dwipp
  • Change password, where the user can change their password
  • Logout, where the user can logout

Comparing with other frameworks

Flutter vs Ionic

React Native vs Ionic

React Native vs Flutter: which one is better?



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